Women and Climate Change

Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 Time: 5:00 pm-7:30 pm Location: Manchester Community Library  { MAP } Fee: $18 in advance; $22 at the door



Dr. Edward Cameron

Climate change is impacting natural systems across the globe. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are raising global temperatures leading to an increase in intensity and frequency of extreme weather events and the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems. But the impacts of climate change reach deep into human systems. Our jobs, homes, health, human rights, food, economic development, and lives are all undermined by our collective failure to build a just and sustainable world. Women are on the frontlines of climate change. Structural discrimination, including economic, social, cultural, political, and legal prejudice amplifies their risk, placing them amongst the most vulnerable populations on earth. However, when these structural barriers are broken down, women become the most powerful architects of a low-carbon, climate-resilient and inclusive world. As we mark 100 years of women's suffrage in the United States, this talk will explore why climate change leads to asymmetrical impact on women and how gender empowerment is the secret to building a better world for all.

We will begin with a cocktail reception at 5:00, followed by Dr. Cameron’s talk.

Dr. Edward Cameron is a specialist in climate change and human rights. A native of Dublin, he holds degrees from Ireland, Belgium and Finland. He is one of the early pioneers of the climate justice movement, having designed the first state-led initiative on climate change and human rights while serving at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives. He later created a training course on the social dimensions of climate change for 10,000 development practitioners while working at the World Bank. During the past five years, he has advised governments, companies, non-profits and philanthropies, building strategies to enhance climate resilience. Dr. Cameron is now a resident of Vermont and he lives in Manchester with his wife and two young sons.