Composting 101

May 14 2022
9:00 am - 11:00 am

This two-hour workshop will teach the homeowner how to compost. Starting in the kitchen and following our organic scraps all the way to the garden, we will cover dos and don’ts, what ingredients work best, as well as troubleshooting. The three keys to composting are what we all need to survive: oxygen, water and a balanced diet. Simple composting infrastructures and techniques for successful household composting will be discussed and demonstrated. We will explore different structures to accommodate a wide range of backyard environments and budgets from homemade to store bought to minimalist approaches. 

Matt ProftMatt Proft
has been actively recycling organic nutrients for over 38 years. From homegrown kitchen scraps, farm mortality and slaughterhouse by-products to industrial organics, all these ingredients are no longer considered waste. He started and operated the compost facility at TAM Organics in Shaftsbury, VT for five years where he was composting 2.4 million pounds of food scraps annually.



Proft Residence