From Grapes to Glass: Viticulture and Viniculture Basics

Jun 22 2022
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

WINE TASTING CLASS sponsored by Vermont Kitchen Supply

While wine, at its core, is simply fermented grape juice, it is so much more. This talk explores the full experience of winemaking.

First, we will learn about viticulture: the annual life of a vine, decisions that growers make, challenges during the growing season, and the harvesting process.

Next, we will learn about viniculture: the steps to making still and sparkling wines including the myriad choices winemakers make, how wine laws dictate everything down to the label, and what happens between harvest and getting in your glass.

Enjoy tasting pours (and nibbles) as we go through these fascinating processes complete with visual aids.

*Please note this event was moved to this date after being postponed from its original date of May 11*

Nancy Koziol is an internationally certified wine expert, author and wine writer, Nancy created couch + cork ( to share her love of wine in a fun, safe way. She combines her love of teaching, passion for wine and experience traveling wine regions to bring the best part of wine right to your couch.

Kaiya Kirk is an internationally certified wine expert with a keen interest in exploring emerging wine regions like Lebanon.  



Boorn Brook Farm
527 Benson Road, Manchester, VT, USA