Get Outside: Secrets of Aging Well

Oct 11 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The benefits of hiking are numerous and as Martin Pazzani has discovered, walking uphill – hiking – might just be the Fountain of Youth and the pathway to a much longer, happier, and healthier life.  This talk will reveal the following:

– How hiking builds a stronger heart, more powerful lungs, springy-strong legs, a sharper brain, and a more resistant immune system

– Why hiking can prevent cognitive decline, enhance emotional wellbeing, and boost your eyesight

– The best way to burn off any extra pounds once and for all

– Why hiking can relieve stress and build better mindfulness

– And most importantly, how to rediscover the many benefits of being outside.

Martin PazzaniMartin Pazzani is a global business executive, a fitness expert, and mountaineer who has taken 100,000,000 uphill steps over five decades of travels and climbed major peaks on all seven continents. As a fitness executive and entrepreneur, his companies are at the leading edge of using functional fitness and outdoor exercise to keep age 50+ bodies fit in both body and mind. As a mountaineer he has summited the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc five times each, Mount Washington over 50 times, was one of the early climbers of Mount Vinson in Antarctica (the most remote of the seven summits), and just returned from a 100-mile trek across Nepal to Everest Base camp. As a global business executive, he has given talks around the world, including a TED Talk in 2008, and his book — “Secrets of Aging Well: GET OUTSIDE” — published in May 2020 is being turned into a workout program for walkers, hikers, and fitness enthusiasts. 



Burr and Burton Academy, Bell Tower Room at Founders Hall
61 Seminary Avenue, Manchester, VT, USA

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