Great Art on Screen Documentary Series: Hermitage – The Power of Art

May 28 - 30 2021

(Runs May 26 – June 1)  A spectacular documentary event tours through St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum, a wonderful complex of buildings with the largest collection of paintings in the world, to retrace two and a half centuries. Audiences pass through the magnificent interiors that provided a meeting point for foreign artists, architects and intellectuals creating connections through art and culture.

The history of the museum is marked by the acquisitions of the enlightened Empress Catherine II, whose personality has continued to fascinate art historians and critics over the centuries. Toni Servillo leads us on this journey through the Hermitage and the magnificent city of St. Petersburg with its waterfront, statues, canals and the bridges that form a symbolic cultural and visual element between places and distant civilizations.

Please note – this online film will show at various times from May 26 – June 1. Your ticket will be valid for a specific viewing time.

*distributed by New York-based BYExperience