Hamas Pushes Israel over the Brink

Nov 02 2023
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

On the 50th anniversary of the ’73 war Israel was again surprised by a brutal assault.  This one was different: civilians, not soldiers, bore the brunt of the Hamas attack and of the Israeli response.  Does this prove that the region is condemned to endless war and spiraling violence?  Will it destroy what looked very recently to be a shift away from fighting towards building shared prosperity?  Are there any glimmers of hope amidst the carnage?  

Alan StogaAlan Stoga, geopolitical consultant and Dorset resident, has spent decades trying to understand the dynamics of the region.  He believes that there is at least a chance that horror unleashed by Hamas on October 7 could shift the Middle East away from the “rinse and repeat” cycle of violence—but only if the Great Powers stop meddling.



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