NASA’s Artemis Program: An Ambitious Return to the Moon

Oct 26 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Artemis is a multinational effort to return astronauts to the lunar surface with the goal of establishing a permanent base on the Moon’s south polar region where indigenous lunar resources (e.g., water ice) will be used to sustain the base’s operations.  The Artemis program requires massive new rockets developed by NASA (Space Launch System) and SpaceX (Starship), as well as the building of a space station (Gateway) orbiting the Moon.  Astronauts aboard a SpaceX Starship are currently scheduled to land on the Moon in late 2026. 

John DelanoJohn W. Delano
, PhD has served on more than 20 scientific advisory panels for NASA and the National Science Foundation.  He is the author of 70 articles in professional scientific journals dealing with chemical analyses of Apollo lunar samples.  John retired as a professor at the Distinguished rank from the University at Albany in late 2016.  He is currently residing in Williamsburg, VA where he continues to publish new research.



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