Needle Felted Holiday Gnomes

Dec 05 2021
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Perk up your holiday decor with one of these adorable needle-felted gnomes. In this beginner friendly workshop, you will learn to create a solid 3D sculpture from just wool fibers using a special barbed needle. There will be plenty of colors available so that you can give your gnome a unique personality, if desired. The $40 registration fee includes materials.

Stacy GatesStacy Gates is an artist, craftsperson, and arts educator. She is the owner of Manchester Arts Studio & Gallery and has been teaching art classes, camps, and workshops in the area for nearly 20 years. As an artist, Stacy works in a variety of mediums as she is most fascinated by color, texture, and pattern. She is most passionate though about helping others find or rekindle their creativity through both art and working with their hands.



Manchester Arts Studio & Gallery
4479 Main Street, Manchester, VT, USA