The Face of Abraham Lincoln: The Images that Defined a President

Jan 31 2023
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Of the 136 photographs believed to have been made of Abraham Lincoln, only a handful remain today, nearly all from the last eleven years of his life. At the time, he intuitively understood his images would give his urgent words a face, the face of a struggling Union and Democracy itself as the horrific civil war and slavery tore at him. Join us to witness the iconic photographic images of Lincoln and the stories behind them that tell us so much about this remarkable man, his monumental struggles, and ultimately his death and legacy.

Christopher DantChristopher Dant is a local writer and photographer who previously worked with the great landscape photographer Ansel Adams in Carmel, California. Dant’s work has been part of exhibits in California, where he taught photography for the Ansel Adams Friends of Photography Workshops. In 2016, his black and white landscape photographs were shown in a juried exhibit at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. At GMALL, Dant has given several talks about Ansel Adams and other famous photographers. 



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