The Stone Gardens of Manchester

Mar 03 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

In collaboration with the Manchester Historical Society: 

The foundation of our shared history is set into the marble and granite markers within Manchester’s burying grounds. Though many individuals from our past are remembered in stories passed down through the generations, through the written word, photos, artifacts and recordings, for some the only trace they were here are dates on a stone. Join Manchester Historical Society curator Shawn Harrington as he remembers some of the people and their stories memorialized in Dellwood, Factory Point, and smaller family cemeteries in Manchester.

*PLEASE NOTE – This talk was moved from its original date of Feburary 24

Shawn Harrington Shawn Harrington serves as Curator of the Manchester Historical Society and is a lifelong resident of Bennington County. His interest in history began at an early age when -as a second grader – he discovered The Shires of Bennington: A Pictorial History of a Vermont County (edited by Tyler Resch, Bennington Historical Society, 1975) in the library at the Shaftsbury Elementary School. Over the past 8 years, he has been digitizing the thousands of pieces in the MHS collection to use for outreach and education at local schools, as well as in print and social media. He has worked for the past two decades in the financial services industry with a tenure as a member of the New York Stock Exchange and resides in Manchester Center with his two sons. 



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