The Weekly Roundtable (Wednesdays)

Oct 06 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The Weekly Roundtable
Public Policy Making: Tradeoffs, Compromises, Unintended Consequences

The purpose of this roundtable is to engage participants in lively, thought provoking weekly discussions of a select number of high priority issues at the forefront of the Biden administration’s domestic and international policy agenda. Sessions are designed to foment informed discussion and debate, deepening participant understanding of the tradeoffs and challenges government decision makers contend with as they try to formulate policies that will gain support from diverse stakeholders, often with competing interests. Previous roundtable sessions have focused on discussions of alternative policy responses that address the:

*persistent and deep income and racial inequality,

*spread of misinformation disseminated by lightly regulated, huge social media companies;

*erosion of U.S. economic and geopolitical competitiveness, especially vis a vis China;

*paralyzing consequences of political polarization for public policy decision making; and

*badly broken and ineffective immigration system.

In addition to revisiting some of these issues, the upcoming series will also address other equally pressing public policy priorities for the administration, such as:

*Climate change

*Congressional approval of a federal voter registration law

*Anti-trust reform

*Reassessing U.S. foreign policy strategic priorities post-Afghanistan

A few days prior to each session the moderator will email participants the upcoming discussion topic along with suggested background readings and proposed discussion questions. Space is limited.

Eight Wednesdays beginning October 6 and ending on December 1.


Roger LeedsRoger Leeds recently retired is a Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and Director of the School’s Center for International Business and Public Policy. He also is co-founder (with Francis Fukuyama) of the Leadership Academy for Development, a non-profit that runs intensive training programs for government officials and leaders from business and civil society organizations in developing countries focused on public policies that strengthen private sector performance. He co-founded and was the 1st Chairman of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, and also has taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the Wharton and Columbia business schools. Prior to joining the SAIS faculty, Roger worked as an international finance practitioner for 25 years, including positions at Salomon Brothers, the International Finance Corporation (World Bank), and a New York-based private equity firm. He has an extensive list of publications, including his book, Private Equity Investing in Emerging Markets (translated into Chinese). Roger has been a guest commentator on various radio and television programs, including CNN, Bloomberg News, CBS News, CNBC, and National Public Radio, and is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations in New York. He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University, and his PhD from Johns Hopkins (SAIS).


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